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Online Shopping Treats | Gift Bundles

December 12, 2017

Online Shopping Treats | Gift Bundles

Our bundles are the perfect gift selections for your loved ones and of course special discounted treats for yourself also!

Our bundles include all types of shoes and accessories big and small - A perfect selection for everyone.

Take your pick!

Gift wrapping on Tracey Neuls bed with red ribbon perfect christmas gifts christmas bundles

Slippers and socks combined with a discount saving you that last minute panic.

Plenty to choose from...

GEEK Silver Reflective + JIMMY Silver Reflective

GEEK Black Reflective + JIMMY Black Reflective

GEORGE Chelsea Boot Black + JIMMY Black Leather 

JON Chelsea Boot Black + ADAM Chelsea Boot Black

TURI Beuys + SOCKS White Diamond + LOOPY Black Bag

LOOPY Sheepskin + SLIPPERS Black + SOCKS Black Sparkle

PUFFBALL Black + LOOPY Sheepskin + SOCKS Black Sparkle

MOLLY Ribena + LOOPY Ribena + SOCKS Burgundy Square

SNUG Petrol + LOOPY Mermaid

SWEET Black + LOOPY Black + SOCKS Ruby Sparkle

SNUG Black Leather + LOOPY Snake Pony

SING Black + SOCKS Red Line

SLIPPERS Green + SOCKS Elephant Camouflage + Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher + SLIPPERS Black

See our Socks and Slippers combo by selecting a slipper to purchase on our website here.

The offer will come up selective to the item that you choose.

Socks and slippers the perfect gift bundles on the tracey neuls bed 

Also in News

Tracey Neuls Cinema Installation
Tracey Neuls Cinema Installation

September 17, 2019

Tracey Neuls | Designer’s Cut

Tracey Neuls’ ideas on individuality, her brand’s evolution and core values will be explored. A first-hand account of her creative process, inspirations and curiosity will be discussed in an original short film. The gallery-like arch of our Coal Drops Yard boutique has been reinvented to house a cinema-inspired installation. Shoes surround classic red velvet theatre seats with sculptural pop corn installations. More akin to arthouse film than franchise movie, watch her merging surrealism with cutting-edge contemporary design.

Tracey Neuls Pop Corn Installation
Tracey Neuls Pop Corn Installation

September 17, 2019

Popcorn installation 

The screening of our short 15 minute film documenting designer Tracey Neuls is being played on loop throughout London Design Festival. Taking place at our Coal Drops Yard boutique, where we have re-invented into a cinema-inspired installation.
Conceptual popcorn installation included!

Tracey Neuls London Design Festival 2019
Tracey Neuls London Design Festival 2019

September 03, 2019

Tracey Neuls | Designer’s Cut
London Design Festival 2019

Nicknamed the designers’ designer, London footwear icon Tracey Neuls is celebrated for combining the worlds of design, art and fashion. This time, for London Design Festival 2019, she is stepping into film.

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