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Online Shopping Treats | Gift Bundles

December 12, 2017

Online Shopping Treats | Gift Bundles

Our bundles are the perfect gift selections for your loved ones and of course special discounted treats for yourself also!

Our bundles include all types of shoes and accessories big and small - A perfect selection for everyone.

Take your pick!

Gift wrapping on Tracey Neuls bed with red ribbon perfect christmas gifts christmas bundles

Slippers and socks combined with a discount saving you that last minute panic.

Plenty to choose from...

GEEK Silver Reflective + JIMMY Silver Reflective

GEEK Black Reflective + JIMMY Black Reflective

GEORGE Chelsea Boot Black + JIMMY Black Leather 

JON Chelsea Boot Black + ADAM Chelsea Boot Black

TURI Beuys + SOCKS White Diamond + LOOPY Black Bag

LOOPY Sheepskin + SLIPPERS Black + SOCKS Black Sparkle

PUFFBALL Black + LOOPY Sheepskin + SOCKS Black Sparkle

MOLLY Ribena + LOOPY Ribena + SOCKS Burgundy Square

SNUG Petrol + LOOPY Mermaid

SWEET Black + LOOPY Black + SOCKS Ruby Sparkle

SNUG Black Leather + LOOPY Snake Pony

SING Black + SOCKS Red Line

SLIPPERS Green + SOCKS Elephant Camouflage + Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher + SLIPPERS Black

See our Socks and Slippers combo by selecting a slipper to purchase on our website here.

The offer will come up selective to the item that you choose.

Socks and slippers the perfect gift bundles on the tracey neuls bed 

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April 02, 2020


Our home comfort Velvet GEEKS feel like a slipper, the most comfortable house style or walking shoe in the collection. As we take root, the clocks have gone forward, the season is changing around us and spring is bringing in the green 


Loopy Bag Green Sage
Loopy Bag Green Sage

April 02, 2020

Loopy Bag Reversible

The classic Tracey Neuls loopy bag is small and perfectly formed, in softest sage green suede leather with a reversible lining. It accommodates all the important items without over-burdening you.


Shoes For Life
Shoes For Life

April 02, 2020

Undeniable Therapy

Someone said that our pets will begin to get anxiety when all goes back to normal. My little shadow Bobo has been following me around the house everywhere I go. So glad to have him by my side.” - Tracey Neuls