Happy Birthday Tracey!

December 06, 2019

Happy Birthday Tracey!

To celebrate Tracey's birthday we have compiled a list of all her favourite things and favourite places. We have covered almost everything so you can try and live a life in Tracey's shoes (literally).

Going from left to right, right to left... Firstly we have Tracey's favourite flower a Snakeshead Fritally, a purple chequered flower that is rather rare to find!

Her favourite fruit is featured quite regularly in our current campaign, the Pomegranate.

Having been born in Canada and spending most of her childhood there, it's her favourite place to visit where she sees family and friends. 

Volta do Mar is a newly opened restaurant in Covent Garden and a new favourite. Specialising in Portuguese food, with a fantastic bar too. Tracey works with family fun factories in Portugal to produce her shoes, she eats out frequently and Volta do Mar is as good as her times out in Porto. 

Favourite song? She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult. There's always a bit of Punk running through Tracey. 


Known as an avid collector, one of Tracey's favourite brands is Bordallo Pinheiro, a Portuguese ceramic company. Tracey has been lucky enough to visit their factory in between trips visiting her footwear factories. 

Wine!? The Morgenhof Estate - Chenin Blanc. Coming from the South Africa region. Perfect for seafood and cheese.

If you follow us on Instagram you would know by now that Tracey has been living in PABLO Black. Her favourite shoe from the collection, you can truly wear this piece with anything and everything, an every-day essential.

Merrit Oppenheim Tracey Neuls

What movie!? The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover. Directed and written by Peter Greenaway. This film was references as inspiration when creating our seasonal 'Feast' theme for Christmas. 

The last image from our most recent shoot with photographer Uli Schade, paid homage to surrealist artist Meret Oppenheim, we used Stud to recreate the image. 

Tracey Neuls Shoe horn

To celebrate Tracey's Birthday week we are gifting you a free Shoe Horn worth £35 with every purchase over £150. 

(Could be a good re-gift too? Sssshh!) Use code: GIFTME

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