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How To Keep White Leather Shoes Clean and White?

March 19, 2018

How To Keep White Leather Shoes Clean and White?

White Leather Chelsea Boots

How To Keep White Leather Shoes Clean and White?

Some customers seem apprehensive about white leather shoes, so we must pass on the confidence about how easy they are in fact to clean. The white styles we have for this summer season can be maintained daily (if desired) with a non alcoholic baby wipe, or a damp cloth (not too wet.)

And remember that white leather shoes can be polished with white polish! This works very well and refreshes the white brilliantly. Give them an extra buff after polishing so all the white has absorbed and shines.

Baby Wipes work well on rubber soles for day to day cleaning; we find Huggies the best brand to use :-) But you can also try nail polish remover for very heavy stains (always test an area first.)

Chunky white rubber sole shoes for women

Don't forget that you can clean white rubber soles, how to maintain them shouldn't put you off buying or wearing them. When customers asks "How do I keep the soles clean?" We remind them how easy they are in fact, to clean. For white soles, use damp cloth or non-alcoholic baby wipe. For tough stains, a touch of nail polish remover on a cotton wool ball and gently wiped onto the rubber sole can work. However, to get white rubber soles really squeaky clean again, Flash Magic Eraser gives impressive results.

Have no fear, they can be kept clean and white. Enjoy!

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