Tracey Neuls Cycle Sneakers

January 24, 2020

Tracey Neuls Cycle Sneakers

The Cycle Sneakers are a practical choice for anyone who wants to be comfortable while sporting a unique look, leaving a lasting impact on whoever lays their eyes on them. 

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Reflective Cycling Shoes For Women & Men

June 11, 2019

Reflective Cycling Shoes for Women & Men
Minimalist style with maximum effect. Our eye catching and light catching fashionable cycling shoes are made all year round. If you can't see your size, please email for reservations and you will be notified when the new delivery arrives.

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How To Look Chic on Your Cycle To Work? | Lux Life Feature

June 03, 2019

How To Look Chic on Your Cycle To Work? | Lux Life Feature

For the most fashion forward thinking cycle shoe, the Tracey Neuls Geek is the perfect option to look chic on your cycle to work. Wear them on or off the bike.
Featured by Catherine Dashal in Lux Life Magazine.

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Chic Cycling Shoes Featured In Crunchy Tales | Tracey Neuls

April 26, 2019

Chic Cycling Shoes Featured In Crunchy Tales | Tracey Neuls

The Tracey Neuls Cycle collection has been featured in an article by Crunchy Tales on chic cycling, alongside some great urban living accessories. We just love this illustration of a cyclist wearing our GINGER bike boots!


Best Gifts for Cyclists

November 19, 2018

Best Gifts for Cyclists

Don't settle down for the same old gear for the cycling enthusiasts among your loved ones! The Tracey Neuls Cycling Collection caters to those seeking originality and style on top of tech practicality.

Both the Men's and Women's sneakers come in a variety of colours and textures, ranging from our Neon Patent, through Blue Velvet to Printed Pony

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Tracey Neuls at Art Car Boot Fair 2018

September 19, 2018

Tracey Neuls at Art Car Boot Fair

We had an amazing time at this year's Art Car Boot Fair in King's Cross! Meeting fans of the shoes is always a highlight of the day. Tracey being the only footwear designer in a fair full of artists, we were in great company inspired to make some art with the shoes!

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Cycle Style | Chic Cycle Shoes by Designer Tracey Neuls

March 14, 2018

Michaux Cycle Club and Tracey Neuls Cycle Style

Re-posting our fashion forward cycle footwear in collaboration with Michaux Club accessories. 

"In 1895 New York, the Michaux Cycle Club was formed. It was one of the first organisations in the world allowing women to cycle in public and it’s female members were figureheads for a new era of freedom."

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Jimmy Sneaker For Men | Back in Stock

January 25, 2018

Jimmy For Men | Back in Stock
Black that reflects white, right? We know it's still hard to imagine but believe and see the light. Our Jimmy style for men is illuminating and available in other colours.

His and hers cycling shoes | Jimmy and Geek reflective

November 02, 2017

His and hers cycling shoes | Jimmy and Geek reflective

Pagan origins celebrated the end of the harvest season and the beginning of this 'darker half' of the year. Our reflective footwear gives light on dark nights. 

Get your own reflective Jimmys and Geeks.

Jimmy Jimmy

September 24, 2017

Jimmy Reflective stealing the light.

A Cut Above - The World Of Interiors Magazine - LDF2016

September 06, 2016

Tracey Neuls  | World of Interiors
"The footwear designer's shop is transformed into a classroom where the syllabus includes talks, workshops and a 'Back to School' aesthetic and shoes that break all the rules. Flashing bright when they 
catch the light" Thank you to The World of Interiors Magazine and to Natalie Wilson.