Tracey Neuls Travel Tips | PORTO | Where to Stay & Eat

April 24, 2019

Tracey Neuls Travel Tips | PORTO | Where to Stay & Eat

Hotel Republica Guest House PORTO by Tracey Neuls

Photographer Uli Schade in Porto on a Tracey Neuls photoshoot

A Place to Stay in Porto? 

Above is a picture of photographer Uli Schade, looking out of 157 Republica Guest House, our favourite place to stay in Porto. It's located in the centre of Porto, in front of the Teófilo Braga garden. It's a 5 minute walk from the historic city centre and all the main points of interest as well as shops, restaurants and bars. Also close to the Central Trindade metro station and the main square of Porto, the Avenida dos Aliados - all are 500 metres away. For those with an appreciation of design and architecture, this is a perfect place to stay and easily access all the best bits Porto has to offer. 

157 Republica Guest House via Air BnB

Boasting some amazing parquet floors, original wooden staircase and furniture, this beautiful guesthouse is an old building that has been designed for a mix of original and modern, the perfect setting for Tracey Neuls' timeless shoe designs. 

Tracey Neuls photoshoot at Republica 157 Guesthouse, Porto

We created a Tracey Neuls photoshoot in the sun drenched guest rooms with original parquet floors and original furniture features. Shoe Style on model: OPEN TOP Apple Orchard. Photographed by Uli Schade, styled by Dick's Edinburgh. 

Brora bread from Portugal by Tracey Neuls

One of our favourite things in Portugal is the Broa bread. Similar to Soda bread but so good, we always seek it out when there. Pictures are from our meal at:

Marisqueira Monumental
Germano Da Costa Alemeida
Vila De Cucujaes
+31 256 822 291

Note: This place isn't in the centre of Porto, it's much further out so a car is needed but the Sardines are worth it.

Fresh Fish restaurant in Porto

Pick your fish, fresh as the day.

Fresh onion and tomato salad in Porto

The onions in Porto are so sweet, enjoy eating them raw in a salad. (Not so much in London!)

Delicious squid in Porto

Grilled squid with a splash of lemon....Say no more. 

Best custard Pastel de nata Tracey Neuls

Also directly next door to Republica 157 there is a cafe next door called BuUh. They do the best Pastel de Nata, perfect for breakfast and well, any time! Also their cheese and honey platters are superb. 

Our favourite restaurant in Porto is called Camafeu. It's in a nice area for walking and a very cool tiled old factory is on the same stretch. Food was delicious. Bit 80’s but we like a bit of that.

Praca Carlos Alberto no.83 

There is an area called Matosinho that has a famous fish market street and behind the fishermen's stalls they often have restaurants. Great fresh, fresh seafood in a different area of Porto. Not designer at all but worth it to see another side of Porto.

These are 2 of the best ones.  

Dom Peixe
R. Heróis de França 241, 4450-158 Matosinhos
Rua Herois Franca 386
(Matosinhos e Leça da Palmeira)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Other Places to Eat in Porto that we Recommend:

N.º 421 de 1 785 Restaurantes em Porto
We were so tired after the shoot but Ernesto's Octopus and wine was needed before bed. 

R. do Padre Luís Cabral, 10804150-461Porto (Matosinhos)

R. Santana 243, 4450-337 Matosinhos, Portugal

Rua de José Falcão, 183 4050-317 Porto Portugal 

Rua do Padrão 103 4150-657 Porto Portugal (Sushi, but Portuguese, looks good)

Travessa de Cadouços, 6-12 (1,324.69 km)
4150-161 Porto, Portugal

Rua das Oliveiras 116 (1,322.68 km)
4450-448 Porto, Portugal
The local Market veg, great for photoshoot pit stop! Pears and oranges....


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