Tracey's Travels | Nice, France

July 16, 2019

Tracey's Travels | Nice, France

In another episode of her travel guide, Tracey Neuls (always in her fiery red mules) shows us around her favourite spots on the coast of France. From Nice through Monaco to Antibes, check out the designer's top picks in food, art, and design.


Designer Tracey Neuls in front of an artwork in Nice, France


Nice is even more accessible for a quick shot of sunshine. For €1.50 there is a new tram that takes you right from the airport into the centre of town.




Once there, of course, you will need a refreshing Gelato - but which one to go to? There is gelato on every corner but this one is for sure a great choice with homemade ice-cream. Pop this into your sat nav for a cool down. The dark chocolate Sorbetto was gorgeous and guilt-free!


Gelateria Azzurro 1, rue St. Reparate 06300



With a little planning ahead, book L'Avomatique to ensure you get a table. This new and tasty restaurant prides itself in fresh, local ingredients with natural beer and wine selections. The staff are so friendly and helpful and the food is worth a weekend trip. If white wine is your fancy, you must try Domaine de Barbossi 2017.


Designer Tracey Neuls wine dining in a restaurant in South of France


I suggest a couple of side trips and I would suggest renting a car because if you have flown all this way - there are a few other things to see. 


Tracey Neuls in the Eileen Gray E-1027 house in South of France


Just past Monaco about an hour drive out of Nice, you could visit the Eileen Gray E-1027 house. Tours are given by Cap Moderne and well worth it with very entertaining and enlightening tour guides. It's a view into another lifetime and great taste in design! Included in the tour is the Cabanos the Le Corbusier built on the same site - but that is a whole other story… Fun fact: did you know that Le Corbusier was his stage name and not his real one?


Tracey Neuls in the Le Corbusier Eileen Grey House in Nice, France

Antibes is the opposite direction but maybe only 45 minutes out of Nice. Here you will find the Picasso museum which is always lovely to visit. 

 BARBARA Women's pink leather sandals by designer Tracey Neuls in the Picasso museum in Antibes, France


BARBARA rose pink leather strappy sandals by designer Tracey Neuls next to an artwork in Picasso Museum, South of France

View in south of France shot by designer Tracey Neuls for her travel guide

The location is as stunning as the artwork. I found a couple of things not meant to be art but thought they were funny to include. An electrical box kept shut with a wax stamp system used for letter writing, a shade with shadows not dissimilar to James Turrell! The 'Antibians' also seem to be fond of a bit of trompe l’oeil. 


Wax seals in France shot by designer Tracey Neuls in her travel guide to Nice, France

Primary colours staircase with Red Mules by designer Tracey Neuls

Windows painted on building in Antibes shot by designer Tracey Neuls in her travel guide to South of France

And the classic trip to St. Paul de Vence would be a shame to miss. A walk through the town is a sight for sore eyes - a bit touristy but you can see why its a must to visit. Foundation Maeght is always stunning and really worth the trek up the hill and walkabout.  Especially in a pair of TN sandals :-)


Mule in red leather and pink leather strappy summer sandal by London designer Tracey Neuls


KARL Persimmon men's orange leather sneakers by Tracey Neuls in front of art exhibition in south of France


Designer Tracey Neuls wearing her red mules, designer slip ons for women designed in London

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