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Pleasure You Can't Measure

February 15, 2012

It's my birthday today and I don't want to sound like a sentimental fool BUT these are my favourite Tracey Neuls blue boots It's true what we say. Once you've picked your pair they become like good friends. I wear these pretty hard and it was time to get them resoled. I brought them to Kevin our amazing friend at Quality Shoe Care on Paddington Street. Because he is so sweet he said "I'll have them ready for your birthday". Well today the sky is blue and I put on my boots for the first time in ages. "Oh hello you!" It was a reunion but also like having the experience of them being new all over again. These aint no throw-away boots, these are friends for life. When they get a bit tired you can repair them and polish them up. It's the simple things in life but having these boots back on my birthday, really is the best present ever. I look forward to celebrating many a years in these. Thank you Kevin Prowley and thank you Tracey Neuls! It really is pleasure I can't measure!

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