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The Tyburn River

December 15, 2009

Next time you're making your way to TN_29 to satisfy your shoe addiction you might want to watch out for the potholes along Marylebone Lane - they hint at the watery presence of the ancient Tyburn river below which flows from its source near Hampstead Heath all the way to meet the Thames at Vauxhall Bridge where it is commemorated with a plaque. Like many rivers in London it was eventually paved over in the name of progress and public health but it can still be seen, complete with goldfish, flowing through the basement of Gray's Antiques Market near Bond Street tube. Intriguingly a large percentage of London's ghost sightings are also reputed to happen in the vicinity of buried rivers - so it seems they may be flowing with souls as well as water! For more about "lost" rivers see Peter Ackroyd's excellent Biography of London or N.J. Barton's book "The Lost Rivers of London". Find out more...

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