Tracey and Jane Go Boating (Separately)

April 29, 2013

We had a nautical weekend! Tracey dined out on Emma Freemantle's boat, a recommendation to all. Above are some shots, lit by candles 'a floating gypsy caravan, where a home cooked meal is served for 4 people. Sounds special.Jane went to visit her friend who has recently acquired a Dutch Barge boat from Holland. They sailed from Walhamstow to London Fields. Much adventure getting stuck in shallow waters ("use the barge pole!") and had to turn around using ropes. Proper hands on boating! Also, getting through those canal locks aren't the quickest of thoroughfares but hey, that's the joy of it. Then by pure coincidence we went to the Barbican to see Celine and Julie Go Boating. Well now, this is one of those films that in hindsight is great but I won't tell you to see it just incase you regret the lengthy conceptual time warp limbo that it traps you inside. I'd say either watch it by yourself in a dark room on a Sunday afternoon when you have absolutely no other plans OR play it on a wall at a party and appreciate the visuals and remember if you ever need to impress anyone with a 'So what's your favourite French art film?' This is a good one.  There are some amazing scenes and you can see why it's incredibly influential and has gone down in film critic history. You know that it's good, so you endure it but I tell ya, if repetition makes you go crazy - then I'd say just watch the trailer and be done!

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