Stella Smoke | Black Leather Knee High Boots

Geometric shapes and patterns are the speciality of Artist Frank Stella  We think of you as our canvas. No footwear is designed without consideration as to how it looks against the curves of your calf and your ankle, right down to your toes. All these forms create a pattern that make the footwear come alive. Our long-awaited knee-high STELLA boots are designed with a personal touch.

Every leg is shaped uniquely and the best way to find your personal curves in a boot is to lace it up. We designed Stella like a glove - unlined, to allow the boot to record the shape of your leg. After even a days wear, you will start to see your imprint take hold. Not a fan of trompe l’oeil, we refuse to put a zipper in the side! Lacing them up is well worth the ceremony and it gets easier with every go. Anyway, these are so comfortable you’ll only need to do it once in the AM.

Our new longer toe shape is handsome and kind to the toes. The soft leather is top quality Italian leather. STELLA features our new heel, or should we call it a wedge? This hybrid heel is designed for walking and comfort with great stability at a low 28mm height. Note the details - leather veneer wraps each heel portion on the diagonal - incredibly skilled work.

These boots are an investment and not one you will regret. You really have to try them.

• Softest Italian leather upper
• Eyelet and hook fastenings for a speedier lace-up
• Low Comfortable 28mm wedge/heel height
• Leather soles individually signed by the craftsman
If you don’t see your size, let us know and we’ll check if we can make these especially for you.
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