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JACKIE Blue | Terry Towel Sandal

Bring some Beverly Hills or the glamour of the Riviera to the city this summer.

JACKIE in blue terry towel is so chic and playful, it will always be the pedestal to you looking amazing. A new mid-heel peep toe sandal design, it is as comfortable as a flat so you can walk all day effortlessly.

Part of our artisan collection for its hand-lasted craftsmanship, each pair feels incredibly special when on the foot. A leather covered heel means a seamless silhouette and an all leather sole is signed by the maker, a tribute to how much work goes into this design.

As Elizabeth Taylor said, "Diamonds won't keep you warm at night but they sure are fun when the sun shines". Wear this shoe like you would a piece of jewellery that you want to show off, and enjoy the confidence it brings.

  • Peep toe mid heel summer sandal
  • Baby blue terry towel fabric
  • Italian calf leather lining
  • Italian leather sole signed by the atelier

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