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PERRY Aqua | Turquoise Leather Sandal

The subtly sculptural open-toe PERRY is a summer icon.

Luxuriously finished, this shoe has an elegant flat heel that's comfortable for walking. The top is subtle from the front but takes an original shape from the side, so you can show them off from all angles. Diamond openings ensure a cool foot for summer.

We've had so many customers gush over these summer sandals that we couldn't help but bring them back in the new vibrant turquoise leather. 

Because it's veg tanned all the way through, you don't need to worry about scratches or scuffs - this leather will age beautifully so you can enjoy them for a long time. Each leather sole is individually signed by our atelier so you know the very pair you hold has been crafted with care.

  • Women's flat turquoise leather sandal
  • Italian vegetable tanned calf leather
  • 15mm leather veneer heel
  • Leather sole signed by the atelier
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