DEAN LACE UP mermaid sequin *IS BACK*

Tracey Neuls sculpts each component herself, creating a product that is completely unique and in a league of their own. Our original 'heart' shaped toe is a tribute to Neuls' first collection from 1998. 

Dean is a classic. Our version of a smart lace up sneaker, it sports a chunky sole unit which is light and amazingly cushioned. We mix a nostalgic touch of leather with rubber for all day comfort and style. Hand stitched bar tacks and a removable insole add to the design details.

MERMAID SEQUIN, elegant or casual - you can have it all with this frenetic sequin textile. Sequins have a history of being saved for 'good wear' but this double sided sequin creates random reflections and allows for every day wear.

Timeless design is sustainable design.


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