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GEEK Apple Orchard | Silver Smart Sneaker

Tried and tested and loved by many, our GEEK has been in production for over a decade. A testament to timeless design, GEEKS are wearable and very collectable. 

This derby has a rubber sole that’s so durable and comfortable it will rival any trainer; and because it’s a such a design classic with unique detailing, this style can be dressed up. It’s the ultimate hybrid of a casual and smart shoe. 

The apple orchard leather is a luscious silver print over a masterfully embossed faux snakeskin texture. It takes great craftsmanship to achieve this effect, resulting in a beautifully soft shine.

Our rubber soles have a metal shank inside for hidden comfort and support. The insole is removable for a personal fit and customisation if desired. 

  • Silver printed and embossed leather
  • Rubber sole with metal shank inside for structure and stability
  • Italian calf leather upper and lining 
  • Removable insole
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