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ALOHA Black | Leather Tassel Sandal

Aloha! These Tracey Neuls sandals are a highlight of this season's collection. Popular, because this slight platform wedge is the perfect height for an incredibly comfortable walk and is flattering for all outfits, casual or smart.

Soft black leather encases the foot securely with a buckle strap and softens to your skin. Because it's tanned all the way through, you don't need to worry about any scuffs or scratches.

Walk around to notice that the tassels are hand-dipped in gold on the very tips - just a subtle touch to catch your eye in movement.

The tassels are fun, but if you're keen on a clean-cut look of the shoe without them, we are happy to remove them and make you a keychain - free of charge!

  • Platform wedge heel height 4cm
  • Italian vegetable tanned black leather 
  • Leather buckle strap
  • Rubber sole
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