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GEEK Mosaic | Gold Print Sneaker

We don't want to brag, but a good Geek is where it's at. Tracey Neuls has been designing this iconic style in unique colours and textures every season for over a decade - it's living, modern design legacy.

The brand new mosaic pattern is the iconic sneaker's latest iteration. Unfailingly comfortable, this sneaker is lined with the highest quality Italian calf leather and includes a removable gold-stamped insole for a personalised fit. The sole is rubber and designed to satisfy even the most demanding, walking, cycling, cab-chasing city folk.

Tracey Neuls does not settle down and perfects her icons each season. So, if you haven't tried the GEEK in a while, we recommend trying out the new shape - it gets more comfortable every year!

  • Rounded toe shape
  • Metal shank inside the sole for structure and stability
  • Italian calf leather lining
  • Removable insole for a personalised fit
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