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PENNY Apple Orchard | Silver Leather High Heels

This gorgeous heel is where rock n roll meets art. Crafted in a small atelier, a single piece of leather is pulled over a curving heel to continue the line of your leg. The heel is perfectly balanced for amazing comfort - generations of women have danced their nights away in this design.

The apple orchard leather is a luscious silver print over a masterfully embossed faux snakeskin texture. It takes great craftsmanship to achieve this effect, resulting in a beautifully soft shine.

Fine leather straps with buckle fastening wrap around the heel and make a visually striking effect across the foot. This double T-bar is an all-season look with a bare foot or contrasting tights.

  • Heel measures approximately 55mm
  • Italian calf upper and calf lining
  • Embossed silver print leather
  • Leather sole, individually signed by the artisan maker
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