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Circle Sandals | The Craft of Tracey Neuls

May 12, 2019

Circle Sandals | The Craft of Tracey Neuls

London Craft, London Style

Hand lasted, hand painted and hand finished. For the launch of London Craft Week we're showcasing our new style for Summer: BIJOU. Tracey's iconic circle design has been translated on to a sandal, with an edge of neon. The elongated heel is ours, no pre-fab components have been used. It's all made the way we want it, from the inside out.

Behind the scenes images of shoe making, for London designer brand Tracey Neuls

The Portuguese Atelier overseeing leather production for London designer Tracey Neuls

The Best Tool Is the Hand

All Tracey Neuls shoes and accessories are handcrafted by family-run factories in Portugal. The Grandad, in his 80’s, is still there keeping an eye on things. His son (above) insists he tells him to go home! But says he prefers keeping busy and overseeing the finishing touches. It almost sounds too cute to believe but it’s true.

Shoe making at the family-run Portuguese atelier favoured by designer Tracey Neuls

Ethical Leather Suppliers

All production happens in-house with no outsourced labour. Nothing is mass-produced. Our leathers are hand picked by Tracey and sourced from local family run E.U tanneries in Italy whose manufacturing is also on a very small scale. Selected for their ethos and ethical treatment of animals. As sad as it may sound, cruelty against animals is visible on their skin: using only whole cowhides with no scars is one of the ways we ensure that the animal was treated humanely. 

Natural veg tan dying of leather for Tracey Neuls shoes

Traditional methods are used, avoiding large scale toxic chemical processes. We use natural veg-tanned leathers which are dyed all the way through and not heavily treated. We never use cheaper, highly processed leathers seen in high street brands, it is simply not the ethos of Tracey Neuls and the standard she set from the very start, almost 20 years ago. Quality for sustainability and 'slow Fashion' may not be the most profitable way, but it is the only way we know.

Dark green natural dye leather roper boots by London designer Tracey Neuls




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