Museum of Everything...Including Shoes

August 25, 2011

"I wonder if you have any limited edition for Museum of Everything" shoes (size 37) in your shop....I must must must have them, I felt destiny when I saw them and I will go crazy If I miss buying them on the opening day!"

Thanks so much for the all the great inquiries we've been getting about our latest shoe collaboration with the B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T Museum of Everything Exhibition (soon to be opened on the 2nd September at Selfridges). We have created two styles, a comfy rubber sole and a sharper looking pointer version. Definitely very excited about seeing the exhibition. The shoes are also available from the Tracey Neuls shop so please email for details. We could't help but add the above says it all

The Museum of Everything is set to wow us all again this September - and Tracey Neuls footwear will be stepping into its world! The art this year hails from international studios for contemporary self-taught artists with disabilities. Tracey Neuls has chosen one such artist, the sensational Dan Miller From the vertical wall to the horizontal foot, Tracey directly translates his rich drawings into wearable, lust after beautiful shoes, made exclusively for the Museum of Everything.

"Tracey's shoes perfectly reflect and compliment Dan Miller's art. They are desirable, unpredictable, contemporary and created with integrity. Everything that Everything is about" - James Brett - Founder, The Museum of Everything.

Exhibition 4 at the Museum of Everything opens on September 2nd 2011 until October 2011 at Selfridges in London. Tracey's limited addition shoes will be on sale only in The Shop of Everything on the Ground Floor and at her shop on Marylebone Lane.

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