A Limited Edition

March 10, 2019

A Limited Edition

Women's Choice

Designed by a woman, for women. Put on a pair in the morning, go about your day and wear them into the night without compromise. This is how we design to empower, all day and every day. 

A pair of designer leather loafers in faux lizard print by designer Tracey Neuls

Detail Orientated

This faux lizard has 4 preparations. First the leather is vegetable dyed, then printed, then embossed with scales cut on top of that. It is an absolute replica, with layers of texture.

A pair of luxury designer leather loafers for women by Tracey Neuls

Club Status

A  customer told us yesterday that when she sees a woman wearing Tracey Neuls, she always approaches to say hello and compliment her choice of shoes. We have such appreciation for this club of amazing women.

A peek into the sketchbook of shoe designer Tracey Neuls

Did You Know?

For every new shoe that is designed, Tracey Neuls requests a prototype in her size to test before production is approved. This extra sampling process is to ensure that the comfort, balance and cut will be correct, from the inside out, from start to finish.

Ray Citrus

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Entrepreneur Interview With Tracey Neuls

January 14, 2021

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Final Sale | Up To 60 % Off
Final Sale | Up To 60 % Off

January 12, 2021

Final Sale | Up To 60 % Off

Most footwear looks dated after a year - not ours. Iconic Designs worn ever so little in this winter's lockdown are thankfully timeless and just as relevant and desirable as ever for years to come.