Design a Shoe at Tracey Neuls

March 27, 2020

Design a Shoe at Tracey Neuls

Some creative entertainment for you or for kids....

As part of 20th Anniversary celebrations, Tracey Neuls is inviting fellow shoe aficionados to submit print designs that will be applied to her signature Geek shoe. The one chosen design will feature on 20 pairs of special limited edition Geeks. The winner will also receive a design credit and a royalty for every pair sold. Preferring a more timeless approach to design, the Geek style is an iconic Tracey Neuls classic that's been created in different leathers and materials, worn and loved by many for over a decade.

Created at family-run factories and honouring the traditional craftsmanship of shoemaking. With over 40 collections to date, Tracey Neuls is an expert in shoe design, with her guidance, this project is a chance for you to bring your print to life.

The competition is open to all, designs must be submitted by 6th May and the winner announced in due course. Full T&Cs and information below. Send submissions to

Print is such an open field and can express so much. Over the last 20 years, we have printed a lot of Geeks from monochrome to multi-colour to photographic. It's a wonderful way to express yourself. As such we want to give you the chance to make your mark on our 20 year classic Geek.” - Tracey Neuls


Design a shoe at Tracey Neuls



1. Dimensions & file size should be A3 297mm x 420mm, 300dpi, saved as either a Tiff, JPEG or PDF. Please try and reduce the size of your file as much as possible - 10MB maximum. The original art piece may be bigger but an A3 scan is needed. If you don’t have an A3 scanner you can find one at a graphics centre or you can scan x 2 A4. 

2. Your file must be produced in CMYK so it’s set-up to be printed. Metallic or fluorescent inks cannot be reproduced, very fine detail can be lost in the printing process.

3. Note that the colour of the rubber soles are limited to either black, white or grey.

4. The print will become “tiled” and the Geek pattern placed on top. Some of the print will be lost in the cutting. Due to pattern scaling to 
accommodate different sizes we cannot guarantee exact placement.

5.The same design will used for both right and left shoes.

6. You can design landscape or portrait but portrait is ideal for the crop that will be used.

7. You have until 23:59 GMT on 6th May 2020 to upload your designs. Late submissions may not be accepted. We advise that you don’t wait until the last few minutes to email your designs.

8. Avoid fine detail and keep it simple. You can submit a print design that is graphic, multicoloured, block colour, minimal or painterly or even a photographed scan. 

10. We will send you an email once we have received your print, so you know it has been received.

Tracey Neuls Geeks

If you have any trouble submitting a digital design, we kindly ask you to double check these guidelines before reaching out to us. If you do need to contact us about your submission, please email 

Click here to download the template...

Click here to download our T&Cs 

Click Here to download our press release 



 Le Gun Tracey Neuls The above Geek design is from our 2012 collaboration with LE GUN.

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