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Diary of a Modern Socialite

April 24, 2019

Diary of a Modern Socialite

Dovile from Diary of a Modern Socialite visited our Marylebone boutique where she tried on shoes from new and old collections and heard about the story and inspiration behind the Tracey Neuls brand. Here is an excerpt from her article where she reviews her favourite pairs...

"Three pairs of shoes caught my eye more than others – Coleen Floral printed leather high heels, Ziggy Spritz pink high heels and Stud Stardust heels.

Coleen Floral caught my eyes first. It is a slip-on pump or court, white and black shoe with a leather sole. It features an incredibly amazing architectural collar at the front. This distinctive silhouette boasts a single piece of leather pulled down over the heel, so there is no seam.

A pair of High Heel designer shoes by Tracey Neuls in luxury black and white floral printed leather

Ziggy Spritz heels are inspired by legendary artist David Bowie. He is original, timeless, alternative and beautiful. And so are these heels. You can wear them with anything and everything.

Designer High Heel in nude with Neon pink star feature by Tracey Neuls, inspired by icon David Bowie

These gorgeous heels Stud Stardust remind me of a sky full of stars in the middle of the night. They are sexy, glamorous, sophisticated and decorated with a little 10-carat gold stud that looks like a beauty mole. They are also extremely comfy so you will not want to take them off."

Designer high heels in black suede with silver beauty spot by luxury footwear brand Tracey Neuls

We hope you enjoyed Dovile's comments as much as we did - do visit Diary of a Modern Socialite for more insights and reviews on London life and style.

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