Interview with Harlow Skin Co | Canadian Christmas

December 03, 2018

Interview with Harlow Skin Co | Canadian Christmas

Harlow Skin Co is an independent natural organic skin care company with a strong holistic ethos. Read on to find out about the process of creating their aromatic rituals and why self-care is the best gift to give in today's world.

Available exclusively in the Tracey Neuls London boutiques this Christmas and nowhere else in the UK, Harlow Skin Co are presenting their exquisite Mountain Candle with cut wood, crisp trees with aromas of fir and Himalayan cedar wood.


How did you come to acquire all the know-how to make your products?
I have been in the cosmetic industry for over 15 years, most of my career has been education/application based. I would attend corporate trainings on the brands I worked for and then relay that information to fellow artists + customers. I have always incorporated my own due diligence to make sure I knew + understood the info I was educating on. Also, a random skill that has greatly contributed to my skill of potion making is cooking, I love to cook + I’m really good at it. I never use recipes, employing the art of a little of this + a pinch of that. When it comes to creating recipes I know the properties + characteristics of the ingredients, blending.

Harlow Skin Co Winter Candles only at Tracey Neuls London, Best Gift For Christmas 2018

What’s the most important part of your ethos?
To educate on conscious alternatives + continually connect you to your rituals by using only whole ingredients in our products!

Your candles are made using soy - can you tell us more about that?
Soy wax is a harder vegetable wax compared to other vegetable wax so it promotes a longer burn. We use only essential oils to fragrance our candles + upcycled wood for our wick!

Is it easy to compromise luxury with sustainability?
We never compromise on any aspect of our products.

What’s the process of composing the fragrance of these candles?
We get in our minds what we want to feel + then start blending from there! All our blends are 100% essential oils, no synthetic fragrance, this makes for a non-toxic, fresh scent that is almost like an aroma cocktail instead of a sugary wall of fragrance.

Do you have a favourite moment in the course of creating them?
It’s always the first burn with a new blend, sinking into the intention we infused while creating.

What do you think is the meaning of self-care in our world?
(W)holistic. Encompassing everything, from what I put on my skin to what I eat, how I speak to others, how I speak to myself, to be conscious and intentional in my decisions.

What are some of your own rituals that you’d like to share with others?
I love a full, self-administered facial with multireflexology tools, gua sha tools finished with a gentle Muse Mask exfoliation and Elixir (whichever one I feel my skin needs at the time).

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Harlow Skin Co Winter Candles only at Tracey Neuls London, Best Gift For Christmas 2018

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