Lockdown 3 Update

January 06, 2021

“ Lockdown With a View to a New Beginning is how I like to look at this particular timeframe.  It's strange how time at home can be so exhausting and the hopeful thought of design time and contemplation quickly turns into juggling tasks and logistics. I generally despise routine but to be honest a bit of it would be nice about now. To that end, here is what we have planned to keep in touch with you all.” _Tracey Neuls



We are here to answer calls Monday to Friday from 9am to 12 noon should you want to speak to someone who knows fit, materials and shoes. Do call 020 7935 0039. If you miss the time slot, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Video Call Ins

Call us! We’ll show you the collection, even try some shoes on for you. It does help to see the shoes on another person to be able to visualise them on yourself. And if you want to see us but we don’t see you, thats OK too - you can choose to not be seen. Let us shop for you. Log in to Facebook and select your time at least 24 hours prior so we can confirm your time slot or click hereWe recommend early reservations to ensure you have the help you need.



We will be monitoring emails Monday to Friday. If you have any questions, this might be the fastest way to get a reply, send photos, book a collection etc. Please be patient we are running with another lockdown skeletal crew. Email us on


Click and Collect

We are offering a collect service which skips any courier costs. Its also a good excuse to go for a walk if you are nearby. Collection is available on Mondays at our Kings Cross location between 10am and 2pm. The Coal Drops Yard is wonderfully quiet and the architecture will quickly remind you that normal London life is just around the corner.

Unit 59
Coal Drops Yard
Telephone: +44 203 746 0928


Try Before You Decide London Based Postcodes

Those of you who have tried this service will agree that it is simply a genius lockdown solution.  During normal times, you would come into our shops and you might try a few sizes or several different styles of shoes. Its useful and not to mention fun. When buying remotely you usually have to hone your selection down to one pair. Not anymore! Select the footwear you want to try or sizes when you find you are in between and choose Same Day Delivery. A bicycle courier will bring the shoes, drop them off and be back in 15 minutes or so whilst you have had the time to try them with your outfits. You then simply give him the unwanted pairs and keep what works. No hassle and a refund if its due is processed as soon as we have the shoes back. Check if your postcode is available here.

* During the current lockdown we are offering this service free for any purchase over £200.

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Final Sale | Up To 60 % Off
Final Sale | Up To 60 % Off

January 12, 2021

Final Sale | Up To 60 % Off

Most footwear looks dated after a year - not ours. Iconic Designs worn ever so little in this winter's lockdown are thankfully timeless and just as relevant and desirable as ever for years to come.