Sustainable Shopping | Tracey Neuls

December 13, 2019

Sustainable Shopping | Tracey Neuls

Not Just For Christmas | Sustainable Shopping

We were recently asked to take part in a sustainable gifting feature. The first part is easy, we have women wearing and enjoying shoes that are over a decade old, a testament to Tracey's timeless approach to design, quality materials and craftsmanship. Throw away fashion we are not; creating footwear that will serve you as an investment, all they need is a little TLC, don't we all. See below and here for the full feature on sustainable gifting

Tracey Neuls designs shoes that are unique conceptually, materially and sustainably. She personally discusses her vision with the artisanal makers to ensure they have a first-hand understanding of her designs.

When we call these factories 'family-run', we truly mean it: we have met sisters, fathers, aunties and granddads chatting by the sewing machines and shoe glue pots. They're incredibly experienced and we value their craftsmanship that allows us to create the most demanding designs, such as the iconic BIGTOP.

designer Tracey Neuls Portugal factory

"Tracey Neuls is all about timeless design, meaning pieces you buy from the brand will still look good and feel modern years down the line. These Crochet High Heels are limited edition and feature an exceptional level of craftsmanship as they are hand lasted and hand crocheted. The Wool Shopper Bag, is practical and minimalist, and made with wool offcuts, proving that nothing needs to go to waste. It’s the same with these Canadian Log Bowls, made in exclusive colourways from reclaimed trees (fallen or already cut) by Loyal Loot Collective Designs." Read the full article here

Tracey Neuls Crochet High Heel £395
Tracey Neuls Crochet High Heel has a timeless approach to design. Not following trends or fleeting fads, her footwear doesn’t ever go out of fashion. We have women walking into our boutiques, wearing designs from over ten years ago that still look contemporary. Our new limited edition Crochet high heel is made with an all leather sole. Leather is such an amazing material that can be resolved over time, making them last like true investment pieces. This level of craftsmanship is very rare, the shoes are hand lasted at family-run ateliers. For this limited edition, two women individually hand-crocheted the black knit, that is wrapped over the Tracey Neuls’ signature curved heel. A true testament to timeless design, they are sustainable like wearable collector’s items. 
Tracey Neuls used wool offcuts to create these over the shoulder bags. Perfect for Car Boots sales, a favourite sustainable past time of designer Tracey Neuls. These bags are re-useable and make perfect alternatives to grocery shopping. A good designer piece doesn't need to flash you with branding. These bags are perfect, practical minimal. Made with soft wool to accompany you in your daily errands, not just for Christmas!
Why not use what exists rather than creating more? Sourced from Canada, these log bowls are handmade using locally reclaimed trees of all varieties (fallen or cut down due to infrastructure or inclement weather). Formed with a common desire to create objects of integrity and timeless beauty, Loyal Loot Collective Designs are made from their studios in Edmonton and Calgary. These Log Bowls combine the beauty of a tree in its natural state with a high gloss, vibrant finish. These colours are completely exclusive to Tracey Neuls.
Tracey has always been known for using unconventional methods in her design process, which has then been mirrored in her packaging. Using fur bags is a sustainable means of packaging that is ever going to be thrown away, a bag like this will be reused for years upon years. When packaging meats the realms of luxury, customers will want to store their shoes in the boxes constantly; we believe by utilising leather pull tabs and fur bags we have achieved this. We also use cotton bags for customers after they have purchased their new footwear, a luxury branded bag that can be reused for shopping and many other things.
luxury packaging by designer tracey neuls
Luxury branded shopping bag by designer tracey neuls

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