Bed Time with artist Robert Rubbish | Le Gun

October 07, 2017

Bed Time with artist Robert Rubbish | Le Gun

Robert Rubbish is one of the founding members of LE GUN magazine. Robert Rubbish Greene studied at The Royal College of Art in London from 2003 – 2005. Historic London is an especially inspirational place for his work, which brings together his interest in curiosities, joke shops, facial hair, Victorian punk revivalism and gin. He has also directed his first feature length film 'A One Eyed Man in the Kingdom of the Blind'.

Assuming it’s not your name by birth – How did ‘Rubbish’ come about? 

From 2006 to 2010 I was making music of sorts, with videos, fanzines and podcasts with my friend Paul V Lawford. We called ourselves 'The Rubbish Men of Soho’. I took the name Robert Rubbish as my artist name, I liked the sound of it. Think Rolls Royce, think Robin Reliant, think Robert Rubbish...strong brand.

As a member of Le Gun, can you tell us how the collective came into being?

We all met at the Royal Collage of Art in 2003 and found we had interests in the same artists, books, films, counter culture and heavy drinking. It’s all a bit hazy now but we started to plan and made Le Gun Issue 1. 

We made some Tracey Neuls shoes that featured the Le Gun print – ‘The Entry of Marvin Gaye into Brussels’ depicting George Melly amongst others. Could you talk a bit about this piece? 
It’s our homage to James Ensor's 'Entry of Christ into Brussels' and was made as part of the 'Unknown Room' installation and this was the story that ran throughout Le Gun Issue 5.

Le gun shoes Tracey Neuls Robbert Rubbish

Artwork black and white by robert rubbish of a crowd drawing painting

Tracey Neuls Le Gun Print Robert Rubbish

Above is the Tracey Neuls and Le Gun collaboration (The Geek style, each pair has a different part of 'The Entry of Marvin Gaye into Brussels' print, making them like true limited editions and wearable collector's items) 

So’ho do you feel about Soho these days?
It’s in a bad way at the moment, not much left of the old Soho. People are being priced out and it seems that it’s a new cycle in Soho’s history… It’s the corporate cycle. It is killing the independent spirit and soul of the place. I still have a deep love for Soho, I love wondering around the little streets and hanging out there but feel sad that so much of its character has been lost.

Your artwork has a most singular style - how would you describe it and what are your particular drives and inspirations?
My artwork is narrative and figurative. At the moment I am working a lot in pen, ink and watercolour and the body of work at the moment is called 'Spiritus Soho'. Its a drift though Soho’s time, space and fabric. It’s about the layers of the area’s history and ghosts. 

What books are you currently reading / have by your bed?
A Doctor in Soho by Charles Connell as told to him by Doctor S...and the Joy of Socks. 

Robert Rubbish in the Tracey Neuls bedroom

What is the most unusual place in which you've slept?
Soho Square, in a German underground bunker, and a bed in a skip.

You no doubt have a vivid imagination. Was there a book read to you when you were young that was particularly potent?
My mum would read me TinTin. Still love it now, love the artwork and the stories.

What is your bedroom like?
Small and has too many books in it.

What’s under Robert Rubbish’s bed?
Some old artwork form the late 1990s to early 2000s mostly A1 artwork on paper.

What music are you listening to in your room at the moment?
I have been listing to T.Rex ‘Ballrooms of Mars’ a lot.
Can you share a recent dream you had?
The last dream I remember had Noel Edmonds in it. He was very sinister that’s all I can recall. 

What are your dreams for the future?  
To have more than enough money, to have a good loving relationship and to have a live, work space of my own. To be content to make more art and I would like to have a dog.

red arkwork displayed on a bed by le gun robbert rubbish with skullLe gun artist robbert rubbish artwork drawings displayed on a bed
portrait of man lying on bed

Buy limited edition prints at the SHOP of Robert Rubbish
Robert Rubbish's Instagram: @robertrubbish 

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