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September 03, 2019


Our Shoreditch Boutique is now a SALE SHOP.

Dedicated to serving up our timeless stock, last pairs and original samples full time. 

Prices start from £50

Tracey Neuls Shoreditch shoe bar sale shop man with a Martini

Did you want your shoes laced, slipped on, shaken or stirred?

Tracey Neuls, who mixes retail with the experiential has re-invented her Shoreditch Boutique into a "Shoe Bar" theme. 

Shoe bar sale shop cocktail bar shoe bar Tracey Neuls

These illicit prices at Tracey Neuls, 73 Redchurch Street will not be online and in-store only. No current AW19 collection will be on display, just sale stock.

Speak easy, bring your friends and see you at the Shoe Bar!

Tracey Neuls Shoe bar cocktail bar Shoreditch

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Martini model: Marcus Woodcock

Tracey Neuls
73 Redchurch Street
London E2 9DJ

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