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Stanley Kubrick Season at the BFI

May 16, 2019

Stanley Kubrick Season at the BFI

Stanley Kubrick Space Odyssey pink stewardess costume

Did you know that the same designer is behind the pink stewardess costume of Space Odyssey and Queen Elizabeth's ensembles? Talk about a blend of modern and tradition!

The groundbreaking director gets his well-deserved recognition with a definitive film season and an exhibition at the Design Museum. Revolutionary filmmaking, fashion and design of his films are always a point of reference and inspiration.

Pink patent leather and PVC mid heel boot by Tracey Neuls

Viv Spritz

Timeless yet retro 60s design laced with peak futurism is something found in some of Tracey Neuls' best designs, too. Trailblazing new horizons in wearable design beyond modern and traditional, she shares the Design Museum recognition as an iconic designer of our time.

Interior design still from Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick

Find more info on Kubrick and get tickets for the screenings here.

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