Sustainable Shoe Bags | No More Tissue Paper

March 03, 2020

Sustainable Shoe Bags | No More Tissue Paper

"All aspects of my shoe design is closely scrutinised to bring you minimal, interesting design and that goes for the packaging too. We have managed to reduce our tissue consumption by 90%. All our shoes come in sacks from cotton to faux fur - great for closet protection and with uses beyond footwear, I’ve used them for gift bags." Tracey Neuls

Our boxes are durable and sturdy and can be used beyond their original footwear housing purpose. I have seen some of you stack them and use the pull tabs as if they are a shelving unit - good one!" - Tracey Neuls

Everything we make aims to be timeless and useful in more ways than one. Order now and see what all the ‘fuzz’ is about.

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Celebrating 7 Years Of Secret 7
Celebrating 7 Years Of Secret 7

September 25, 2020

From 14 October - 1 November Secret7 will exhibit all the artwork at NOW Gallery on Greenwich Peninsula in London, all 700 records will be sold via auction on the final day. All profits will be donated to help refugees.

Tracey Neuls is proud to be part of this movement amongst photographers, illustrators, painters, graffiti artists and sculptors.

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We will be taking our last orders on Redchurch Street
We will be taking our last orders on Redchurch Street

September 14, 2020

"We have had a lot of fun in our East London shop, pushing the boundaries of retail, treating it like a gallery and hosting thought-provoking Artist Collaborations and creating our most recent Mise en Scene Shoe Bar. We've had a blast and thought leaving you on a funny note would make perfect sense. We look forward to serving you at our other Two Locations in London and of course Online.

Thanks for all your support, laughs and damn good fun - onwards and upwards!"

-Tracey Neuls

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London Design Festival | 12-20 September
London Design Festival | 12-20 September

September 09, 2020

The 18th edition of the London Design Festival is back!

Whether you live in Central, East, South or North London there'll be something going on in the are: exhibitions, offers, workshops, competition and so much more.

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