The Manuela Boots

November 20, 2019

The Manuela Boots

We wanted a boot that could take you from morning to night in comfort. The reality of our cobble streets and fast-paced life demands a well thought out heel. The MANUELA heel has been in the works for some time getting the pitch right, the width of the heel stable and the design uniquely Tracey Neuls.

This leather featured on our MANUELA boots are simply sensational. Grading from a patent stripe of leather to a luxurious and buttery suede, each pair is hand-cut to get the placement just right  A nightmare to create but incredible to wear. Limited Editions - once they are gone, they are gone.

The Manuela boot comes in a variety of different colourways...

'Midnight Black', an all-black leather high-heeled boot that is perfect for all occasions, a beautiful and subtle essential piece that is without a doubt required in your wardrobe, this is the kind of boot that, like all of Tracey's shoes, will never go out of fashion and can be worn for years on years. An iconic piece.

'Water Blue' is a navy blue boot that features the leather gradient, going from Navy patent leather through to an-ever-so lighter suede blue. This boot is a true statement piece and will go with almost everything, that standout piece to your outfit.

'Champagne Shimmer' takes a different look to all of its counterparts, featuring a shiny champagne coloured leather covering the rear as well as a large black tassel detailing across the side.

Finally, we have the 'Earth Brown' colourway. Similar to the 'Midnight Blue', this colourway features the leather gradient going from patent leather to suede. A different option to the 'Water Blue', dependant on what kind of mood you're in.

All images can be seen below:

black leather high heel boot by designer tracey neuls

blue high heel boot featuring patent leather to suede gradient by designer tracey neuls

champagne shimmer high heel leather boots by designer tracey neulsbrown leather high heel boot featuring patent leather to suede gradient by designer tracey neuls

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