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Tord Boontje, Yamaha and Manabu Shimada at Tracey Neuls

November 17, 2016

Tord Boontje, Yamaha and Manabu Shimada at Tracey Neuls

What is the perfect design for the fusion of light and sound? Hairy Creature Speakers is an exhibition of extraordinary speaker prototypes designed by Studio Tord Boontje.

Tord Boontje's design approach suggests a new perception of the beauty between industrial products and crafts, whilst keeping the lighting function and 360 degree sound system the same. Tracey Neuls Marylebone will exhibit two different types of speakers. Both speakers are prototypes embellished with horsehair, wood, yarn, sisal, plastics, acrylic, brass and crystals. Studio Tord Boontje has transformed these industrially produced speakers into handcrafted objects. This approach to technology stems from the studio’s desire to make everyday objects warm, characterful and materially interesting." says Bontje.

A kinetic 12.2ch soundscape, exclusively composed by sonic artist Manabu Shimada, will be played using the 14 speakers from the 18th to 20th November. This composition consists of two parts, a musique concrète soundscape using Yamaha field recordings, and a postmodern minimal music for piano and string quartet, inspired by the material of Hairy Creature Speakers.

Tord Boontje is known for his expression of romanticism in contemporary design. Some of his designs are whimsical and light-hearted; at the same time they can connect with strong emotions. “I’m interested in creating elements for everyday life that are exciting and uplifting to live with,” says Boontje. With a strong interest in storytelling, nature, decoration, materials and technology, his work has an experimental approach. The results can vary from the ornate to the minimal, from the handcrafted to made-by-robots.

Artist Manabu Shimada is a Japanese sonic artist based in London and Tokyo. His artistic work includes performances, installations and exhibitions; taking place predominantly in Europe. His technical expertise has allowed him to work as a composer and sound designer for many years. 

Yamaha Design Studio London Today, London is recognised as one of the most vibrant and creative cities in the world. The city is a gathering point for creative minds to collaborate and exchange ideas in many different genres and disciplines. Yamaha Design Studio London has been contributing to such interdisciplinary discussions in this exciting city since 2005 and chose Neuls' Marylebone Lane shop to collaborate on the project. 

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