Tracey Neuls London Design Festival 2019

September 03, 2019

Tracey Neuls London Design Festival 2019

Tracey Neuls | Designer’s Cut

Nicknamed the designers’ designer, London footwear icon Tracey Neuls is celebrated for combining the worlds of design, art and fashion. This time, for London Design Festival 2019, she is stepping into film.

It’s been long established that Tracey Neuls boutiques are more than just shops: they have become destinations of their own. Setting the stage for her sculptural shoe designs, Tracey Neuls spaces are renowned for indulging in the emotive experience. Immersive installations over the years have seen Neuls' boutiques transform into a bedroom, restaurant, theatre, indoor garden and school classroom.

"I want my designs to spark emotions in customers - memories, thoughts, challenges, desires. The world is full of autopilot shopping and mass market shoes, where emotions aren’t engaged. I have always played with this philosophy in my retail spaces and emphasised the sensory aspect of mind to toe shopping." - Tracey Neuls

Designer Tracey Neuls Sculpting for London Design Festival 2019

Installations set the scene but it’s her shoe designs that live the real narrative, exploring new perspectives on design and comfort. Travelling by word of mouth and recommendation, her loyal wearers are like a global members club for those in the know. This shared Tracey Neuls mindset attracts a cast of characters: artists, writers, musicians, making each wearer tell their own story.

It all began as TN29: I didn’t want people to wear a name, and I still strive for that individuality in people” - Tracey Neuls

Tracey Neuls’ ideas on individuality, her brand’s evolution and core values will be explored. A first-hand account of her creative process, inspirations and curiosity will be discussed in an original short film. The gallery-like arch of her Coal Drops Yard boutique will be reinvented to house a cinema-inspired installation. Shoes hanging from the ceiling, her brand’s signature and trademark display, will surround the rows of classic red velvet theatre seats. More akin to arthouse film than blockbuster movie, watch her merging surrealism with cutting-edge contemporary design.

Shoe designer Tracey Neuls Sketching Shoes for London Design Festival 2019

This short film and cinema-inspired installation will launch for the London Design Festival in September 2019.

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