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Retail gets a shake up | New Tracey Neuls Flagship

September 11, 2018

Retail gets a shake up | New Tracey Neuls Flagship

For Immediate Release

Retail gets a shake up -  New Tracey Neuls Flagship

Formulaic shopping is shunned at the latest retail / gallery space from Footwear Designer Tracey Neuls. Coals Drop Yard, once utilitarian Victorian warehouse, once legendary night club will reinvent itself in historic fashion by becoming the new house of the best kept secret in footwear.

Rather than focusing on a static shop fit that quickly becomes old hat, Tracey Neuls prefers to create a gallery space that has changing exhibitions within. The floor itself has cavities that are changeable; planting trees, filling with coal or any different message she feels to communicate. Tracey’s spaces are always inventive, thought provoking and unique. Her shoes will be hung from strings in signature fashion, swaying to mimic the movement of feet walking. Not to mention, a gratis drinks trolley that rolls in daily after work hours.

I want shoppers to ‘feel’ when they come to my shops – to experience the space as much as the shoes. From mind to toe shopping.” - Tracey Neuls

Tracey Neuls New Shop Kings Cross

Opens October 26, 2018
Tracey Neuls, Unit 59
Coals Drop Yard, Kings Cross

More about designer Tracey Neuls…
Almost two decades in the Design Industry, the brand is known for original, sculptural footwear that look as great as they feel. These two elements aren’t always found together and this beautiful contradiction translates through Neuls' prolific design archive. Mixing together the traditional and the contemporary, naturals with neon, craftsmanship and innovation with a rebelliousness that’s always perfectly executed. With 40 collections to date, Neuls is a true expert in footwear design. The distinctive shapes are sculpted by Neuls herself resulting in a truly unique and timeless product.

For more information and images please contact:
Jane Howard

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The Best Sandal Barbara is Back
The Best Sandal Barbara is Back

February 18, 2019

Barbara is Back 

Barbara is back! Thank you @creer for sharing this style shot. 

Naturally tanned in gorgeous sailor navy, the leather will soften and shape to your foot, holding it securely with a leather covered buckle and strap. A contrasting thin white line around the platform emphasises the flattering lines of the design.

Wear with anything, on holidays or in the city. Absolutely timeless and easy to wear.

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Re-inventing the Circle
Re-inventing the Circle

February 16, 2019

Re-inventing the Circle

Tracey Neuls has been making shoes her entire life. Starting with tissue boxes and kitchen rolls at the age of nine, she’s still sketching, sculpting and creating. For the new season, we re-visit her original and innovative circle design, making it more for Summer. A sling back high heel, that's already an icon.

See it from all angles: Open Top.

Create Your Own Vision: Tracey Neuls | Ollie Quinn
Create Your Own Vision: Tracey Neuls | Ollie Quinn

February 14, 2019

Create Your Own Vision: Tracey Neuls | Ollie Quinn

The charismatic eye-wear company Ollie Quinn interviewed Tracey Neuls for their recent 'Create Your Own Vision' series. It is true to say Tracey has a more emotional approach to design, with an intrinsic desire to make shoes. Using personal inspirations helps create her unique vision.

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