Tracey's Travels... Morocco Edition

February 27, 2020

Tracey's Travels... Morocco Edition

Marrakech is a city full of beautiful landscapes, rich culture and unique architecture; not to mention the blistering sun, perfect examples of what makes this city such a beautiful destination for a quick, relaxing getaway.

Tracey has spent her time relaxing poolside by the hotel, eating at beautiful restaurants, exploring the medina, camel riding through the desert and of course many nights spent drinking martinis with friends.

old moroccan shoes by designer tracey neuls

Of course, the hotel Tracey is staying in has a cupboard full of old historical Moroccan shoes.

brown leather loafer by designer tracey neuls in morocco

brown leather loafer and black mules by designer tracey neuls

A personal favourite of Tracey's this season is the all-new LOAFER Havana, a brown embossed loafer that features never seen before toe shape by Tracey Neuls, a new design innovation for us. Socks on or off, this loafer makes for the perfect summer shoe, dress it up or down, the choice is yours.

MULE Smoke is a style that will never go out of fashion, a timeless piece that makes a busy life so much easier. Quickly slip into your mules and run around the city in style, and more importantly comfort.

red and black leather mules by designer tracey neuls in morococo

black leather mules by designer tracey neuls in morocco

Hotel El Fenn has been one of Tracey's favourite places to eat during her stay in Morocco. The restaurant is a blank canvas beautiful illuminated by colourful lampshades with tortoises running around that have been rescued from the hustle and bustle of the city, now residing in corners of all different rooms.

hotel el fenn by designer tracey neuls in morocco

Complete with a relaxing rooftop terrace, the perfect place to enjoy a martini and a cigarette after a long day basking in the Moroccan sun. Who said you can't treat yourself on holiday?

designer tracey neuls moroccan breakfast

Martinis and cigarettes followed by a traditional Moroccan breakfast back at the hotel in the morning. Green tea, coffee and a selection of fruit... You can't go wrong.

dinner and some brown leather loafers by designer tracey neuls

Another great find by Tracey was this spot in the desert, only accessible by camelback is La Pause, from camel to viognier in one go! 

sculpture in the moroccan desert by designer tracey neuls

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