Walking Up With Tracey Neuls in 2018

January 01, 2018

Walking Up With Tracey Neuls in 2018

What inspires you to get our of bed each morning?
The smell of good coffee and my sweet little French Bulldog.

Turning the shop into a bedroom interior has been very joyful and was inspired by your first ever homewear slipper collection, will you continue with more?
It is important that all my collections make an emotional connection. A cosy slipper is the perfect extension with the great next-to-skin feeling of shearling. Keeping you warm in the winter and believe it or not, cool in the summer. They are the perfect house mate. We have a milk white and hot pink version in the pipeline.

What are some of the inspirations around next season’s footwear?
Our GEEK chic sneaker is special to us, being around for a decade now. We have revisited the design to make it even more comfortable. The back ankle is now latex padded and seams have been taken out for a pillow like fit on the foot. I always used to get blisters as a kid, so this part of the shoe is essential for me to be as comfortable as possible. I have also streamlined the toe to accommodate more feet shapes. It's a great every day shoe that is truly timeless and now even better.

Building on the demand for heels that are comfortable and unique, we added a few more models that you will love. In particular we are happy to have back heeled sandals. Our signature covered heel can only be made by the most skilled craftsmen. Tucked in between the tiled houses of Portugal, sits our gem of an Atelier. So good, we have extended our leather soles to include a new mid heel and flat group, all signed with pride by the makers. The amount of work that goes into one pair is given due respect, packaged in a slide black and gold box and protected by furry plush sacks inside.

For me, the most part of Summer demands basics, a good flip flop, an easy sandal or slide. Because my shoes are so sculptural, we have never really paid much attention to sandals - until now. Super excited to show you our new open toes.

Putting the weirdness of 2017 behind us, juicy patents are welcomed in happy shades of 50’s pinks and greens and orange. Soft leathers with embosses and prints are clean and pure.

How are you feeling waking up in 2018?
One of our favourite customers once told us to pick a word for the year and then live by it. For us this year, our word is honesty. In fact it has always been our rule of design but in this day and age of false truths and entitlement, it seems that what we take for granted could actually be celebrated more upfront. Its our quiet revolution - keep it real. As with every New Year one can become a bit reflective and I am truly very grateful to the women and men who enjoy wearing the shoes and support what we do. Feels like we are sole mates, for lack of a better pun!

On a physical level, we are also very much looking forward to the construction on Marylebone Lane being completed in 2018, the road will be pedestrianised and will lead to the new Marylebone entrance at Bond Street Tube. Once it’s finished it will be very beautiful. 

Are you a morning or night time person? 
I seem to be more and more of a morning person. The calm in the morning is a luxury.

Did you always dream about being a shoe designer? 
I have literally been making shoes since I can remember, out of cardboard and kitchen rolls as heels. It’s great that my mother let me walk around in them and I feel lucky that shoes ‘chose me’. I’ve always known that I wanted to be a shoe designer. 

What are some dreams you have for the future?
To continue building the brand and attracting like minded wearers. There is no time for dreams these days - more quick epiphanies!

Can you describe a previous bedroom of yours that you have in-habited? 
When I was living in Vancouver, we had a lovely 1950’s flat with a great living space but the bedroom was tiny. Rather than fighting it, my partner built cupboards all around the walls so you literally had to crawl into the bed to lay down. It was actually one of the best bedrooms I even had. Cosseting in deed.

The bedroom is a place of such personal taste and design. We’re always intrigued by other people’s bedrooms. Tracey what is your bedroom like now?
My bedroom is all about the bed. Mine is a totally white sheeted Emperor size bed. A while back when I was in NY staying at the Soho Grand, I swore that the best place to be in my house was going to be my bed. Soft sheets, a down mattress cover and plenty of feather duvets is what its all about. When I grew up in Canada, you used to be able to see your breathe in the morning when you woke up. As a result of the cold, all the biggest hairiest spiders would hide in the covers. Even today its essential to have all white sheets so you can see the little creatures hiding!

It’s always so good waking up with Tracey Neuls.
Thank you and here's to a fresh and happy 2018!

We turned our Marylebone Lane shop into a bedroom interior with a gorgeous designer bed by Matthew Hilton taking centre stage. Come visit and see more pictures here...


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