We're Hiring!

January 08, 2020

We're Hiring!

Join the Team!

Job title: Full Time & Part Time Retail Assistants at Tracey Neuls boutique in King's Cross, Coal Drops Yard.
Start Date: As soon as possible
Days: Monday - Friday or Weekends
Job Description: 
We are looking to recruit competent, enthusiastic and confident individuals to work at our Tracey Neuls Boutique in King's Cross, Coal Drops Yard. 

The role involves a mix of customer care, social skills and the ability to make sales naturally. Our boutiques are creative spaces that host events and exhibitions throughout the year, with ever-changing displays. We desire people with personality and who are house proud of the boutiques they will be maintaining and a passion for the original brand they are promoting. They also require good organisation skills to keep the day to day shop management running smoothly and efficiently. 


  • Drive sales to meet individual and team sales targets. 
  • Use honed sales techniques to maximise every opportunity
  • Maintain the retail environment with pride and contribute to maintaining the brand’s creative display
  • Work with simple website stock management and process online orders
  • Multitask. In a company where we design products from scratch, make them and sell them at wholesale, retail and online - there is always something to do and can enjoy the variety of being involved in a growing company and what it can bring.
  • Customer care
  • Website updates
  • Social Media 


  • A true interest in the Tracey Neuls brand and product makes retail selling easy and enjoyable.
  • Are genuinely interested in people and what they have to say.
  • Our clients are eager, informed and full of life, like you. Knowledge of what's going on in London’s food scene, recent art shows and design happenings is part of who you are. Knowledge of the brand's history and styles on offer are needed on an in-depth level.
  • Show precision when handling cash, credit cards, petty cash and end of day totals.
  • An eye for detail and skills in Excel, Word and Google Docs are required as well as knowledge in Shopify or similar platforms for website work. Photoshop and social media skills are a bonus.
  • Have proficient written and spoken English. A second language is a plus.
  • Have previous retail sales or hospitality experience and understand the art of service.
  • Are self-motivated and work well independently and as part of a team. Good communication is key.

We consider our team a family of equal contributors. If you are looking to be part of a dynamic company with sincere core values, send us a CV and cover letter to

You could be the right fit!

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