Tracey Neuls, Nina Saunders, Sanderson

February 05, 2010

In February 2010 in time for London Fashion Week, footwear designer Tracey Neuls will open her shop TN29 at 29 Marylebone Lane for a 3-way collaboration involving acclaimed contemporary artist Nina Saunders, and revered British textiles company, Sanderson on the eve of the latter’s 150th anniversary.

The collaboration will be anchored by a large-scale sculpture from Nina Saunders and a dedicated collection of shoes from Tracey, both employing reissued vintage Sanderson textiles. Nina’s sculpture, a characteristically morphed, melting item of furniture, upholstered in Sanderson, sets the scene for this sensual and playful subversion of the expected. Tracey’s shoes take this further. Cast rubber soles are deftly inserted with Sanderson textile meaning the shoes have pattern top to bottom - a trailblazing approach in footwear, yet the cut and feel remain uncompromised – exquisite!

The Spring Summer 2010 collection is Tracey Neuls’ most recent foray into an ongoing preoccupation with textile, surface and sculptural form. Her vision is one that goes beyond the shoe, and her shop’s eclectic displays reflect her openness. This chimes nicely with Sanderson who have throughout their history forged links with dynamic designers and artists, encouraging a stream of innovation to mingle with the timelessness of their product.

As Tracey says, “a collaboration that combines three completely different disciplines and generates contradictions like classic / avant-garde, or heritage / timeless is exactly what 29 Marylebone Lane is about”.

The project represents a coming together of shared mind-sets, combining artistic innovation with a healthy respect for traditional craftsmanship. February brings an enmeshing of design, art, and decoration - footwear, furniture, and interiors. There are untold stories sewn into the fabric here. We invite you to come and experience them for yourselves.

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