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Tracey Neuls portrait yellow walls with hanging zebra print shoes

Tracey Neuls is a Premium British brand designing shoes and accessories for women and men. Established in 2000, based in London.

About Shoe Designer Tracey Neuls

Canadian born designer Tracey Neuls has been making shoes since the age of nine, using cereal boxes and tissue rolls for heels, she credits her mother affectionately for letting her walk down the street wearing them. 

Her teenage years were spent listening to The Smiths and Frankie Goes To Hollywood on her headphones, while walking in the remote countryside of Vancouver Island. This beautiful contradiction translates through Neuls' design signature; always mixing together the traditional and the contemporary, neon with natural, craftsmanship and innovation and a rebelliousness executed with careful precision. 

Due to a lack of footwear colleges in Canada or the States at that time, Tracey Neuls created a career in what was closest, fashion design and worked for companies like Nike and Falke, with a keen interest in body shape. Neuls' background in fashion design has had a direct influence on how she designs shoes. Her manufactures continue to comment that she approaches the shoe like a garment, by draping leather over the foot and always working with the natural shape of the body, never against it.

Company Philosophies _ Est 2000
Tracey Neuls studied at Cordwainders Footwear College in London. After graduating, Neuls was living in Italy, learning the language and creating footwear for a clothing designer when she decided to create her own label and hasn't looked back since that point.

Tracey Neuls first label was called TN_29, launched when she was 29 years old. She didn't want people to wear a name, she wanted them to be themselves. “I really strive for that individuality in people and not the sameness.” - Tracey Neuls

This was fuel for her to create something uniquely made for the individual and she has remained on this path ever since. After many years with TN_29, Neuls now appreciates that people want to know more about the designer behind the brand, so our collections all come under the name of Tracey Neuls. Her mission has not changed and she continues to provide wearers with timeless, original and comfortable footwear.

Tracey Neuls has now been designing distinctive shoes of quality for 18 years. With over 30 collection to date, Neuls is an expert in shoe design. Known for confident sculptural silhouettes, her ethos is 'Good design is something you feel as well as you see.' 

Throughout her career Tracey continues to receive awards for her design innovation and vision, from the prestigious Royal Society of Art, Drapers, The London Design Museum, D&AD, New Generation Award and was asked to show her work at the Barcelona Museum of Modern Art. Neuls was nominated as 'One of the Top Ten Creatives' and fashion influencers living in London by TimeOut and her Marylebone Boutique is Mary Portas' top 5 best shops in the city.

The Design Process
For the past two decades, Tracey Neuls has continued to design with an original and distinctive signature, an extension of her character and personal values. Combining both her creative and technical ability, she creates shoes that are unique and wearable, two things not often found together. Tracey Neuls sketches on yellow Post-it notes, fine line architectural drawings of the shoes that can be moved around in order to curate the collections. When she sketches, she does so in her garden or in a café where she has never been to before. It's not mood boards, magazines or trends that inspire, it's more a kinetic, personal and emotional response to design.

Originally Hand Sculpted
A little passion goes a long way. It's important to know that all toe and heel shapes seen in the collections are all originally sculpted in clay by Tracey Neuls herself, making every detail original to her brand. Mostly, Tracey uses plasticine, as the smell reminds her of being a child and the creative energy it evokes. Refusing to use ready-made, off the factory shelf components is very rare and creates atelier quality.

Sketches of shoes on sticky notes and a sketch book of shoes

Clay sculptures of shoes in shoe making and designing process

Produced In Portugal 
Where and how we manufacture our footwear is very important to us. Shoe making is a craft and we want to support this age old tradition whilst pushing the boundaries each season. All of our factories have skilled crafts people who are proud of the work they do. Our leather shoes are signed on the soles, a testament to the hands of the maker. Tracey Neuls began making shoes in Italy, together they embarked on crafting artisan footwear in Portugal, where her shoes are still produced. Luxury Italian leathers are sourced from small ethical tanneries and used on both the uppers and the linings, no corners are cut when it comes to quality, inside or out. 

Process of Tracey Neuls shoes being made

A Description Of The Collections
We have a variety of aesthetics; a selection of rubber soles and leather soles, from casual flats to luxury handmade high heels. 
Tracey Neuls' close relationship with one of the most talented shoe ateliers continues to create handcrafted leather soles and her designer classics. 

Pioneering Design _ The Leather Covered High Heel
Inspired by a shadow, the heel is covered in leather from the upper down, eliminating any internal construction lines to create a clean, seamless silhouette. The curve of the heel is always designed to consider the ankle and leg in the same line. A beautiful continuous line. Tracey Neuls was the first to develop this construction method some fifteen years ago and it has become one of her most recognisable details. Red carpet craftsmanship, it is very hard to produce and takes great skill from rare ateliers.
 Artisan Heel with Signed Leather Sole and Black High Heel 

The Geek Collection
"Beautiful shoes for an active life" - is how The London Design Museum described Neuls' Geek Collection. These design classics, now in production for over a decade provide the perfect combination of something sporty and smart. Our reflective Geek is made entirely of reflective textile and fully lined in leather, functional and fashionable with a high vis impact. We continue to make the Geek through all seasons, in different leathers and colours. They are collectible, we offer collaborative versions and limited editions.

Geek Gif

London Living - A Heel To Cycle In
Seeing our customers cycling about in our highest heels, inspired a rubber heel that you can truly cycle in. The shape hugs the peddles perfectly and the sole is supported by an internal metal shank. A reflective strip keeps you stylish during the day and safe at night. This pioneering heel to cycle in is an important part of Neuls' design history.

Rubber Soles

A Mix of Materials
The soles of our 'Heart Collection' have a distinctive mix of modern rubber with a nostalgic strip of leather veneer. A London map is embedded into the sole, depicting the route from our Tracey Neuls West London Boutique in Marylebone, to our Shoreditch Boutique in East London.  


Tracey Neuls Men's Collection
The Tracey Neuls' Men's Collection bares all the hallmarks of our women's range; contemporary yet classic in design and carefully constructed for fit and durability. Blurring the boundaries between a classic Derby and a trainer, our men's style is a truly an all day, all occasion shoe. The details have been considered, from hand stitching to padded insoles that can be removed for a personalised fit. Our men's shoes come with leather laces and an extra cotton version is included with every purchase.


Jimmy Mens Collection

Tracey Neuls Accessories
Touch is as important as all the other senses; The Tracey Neuls Loopy Bag is developed to loop on the wrist, keeping your hands free. Our slippers are made from shearling with hidden heels inside for a small lift. Tracey Neuls' sock collection made with soft, durable mercerised cotton pair perfectly with leather and rubber soled footwear alike.
Loopy black bag and black shearling slippers tracey neuls
Black Tracey Neuls Tote bag and Luxury Sliding shoe box with Fur Bags
Our London Boutiques
Tracey Neuls opened her first boutique in Marylebone, West London in 2005 followed by a second store in Shoreditch, East London. Believing a store to house artistic shoes should be more like a gallery, Tracey Neuls creates experiential spaces that change from season to season. Shoes are always hung from the ceiling. The swaying of the shoes shows all aspects of the footwear like 3D sculptures which allows them to be experienced in all their beauty.

"Tracey Neuls, the eponymous designer has a reputation for stylish shoes that fit like a second skin."
The New York Times 

"Tracey Neuls designs are hugely influential, but also widely copied. Neuls gets around this by constantly coming up with new ideas, new collaborations and by designing all the details herself, rather than choosing pre-fab, ready made components off the factory shelf."

The British Fashion Council

"Tracey Neuls is one of the top ten creatives and fashion influencers living in London."

Time Out Magazine

Tracey Neuls, a London designer who’s approach marries flare and function


"Tracey Neuls shoes are the perfect combination of aesthetic and comfort."
The Economist

"Beautiful Shoes for an active life."
The London Design Museum

"Covetable limited edition shoes that are handmade in Portugal, the soles constructed in rubber are lightweight, shock-absorbing that makes for a deceptively comfortable shoe,
guaranteed to put a spring in any heel-lover’s step."
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