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Jobs at London Shoe Shops

Job title: Online Marketing Assistant at Tracey Neuls.
Start Date: As soon as possible (or end of October)
Entry Level: Perfect for a recent graduate at intermediate level
This is a Full time Role: Monday - Friday
Job Description: 

We are looking to recruit a competent, enthusiastic and confident individual to work directly with the Brand Manager. Our Brand Manager works across most aspects of the Tracey Neuls business: overseeing the website, branding and marketing, including social media, weekly newsletter campaigns, as well boutique installations and events. 

The role involves a mix of technical, creative and social skills, so the ability to multi-task is essential. You will work on developing ideas into their completion, across online and within our three London boutiques.

This key individual will manage the visual aspect of the website and will follow a critical path process across all the other different categories, so that important weekly, monthly and yearly projects we are working towards are met. Strong communication skills are essential when working with internal staff and external marketing companies, suppliers or clients. 

Skills needed

• Website knowledge (Shopify platform)
• Proficient graphic skills with Photoshop and InDesign (or Illustrator)
• Photography
• Good up to date knowledge and involvement with social media
• Good written and communication skills for blogging and emailing 
• Organisational skills for archiving imagery, reporting and database management
• PA responsibilities for Brand Manager
• Enthusiasm for event management 
• Video editing skills a bonus 

Job Categories 

• Daily Website Management
• Future website planning (e.g. Xmas offers)
• Creating weekly newsletter campaigns and reporting on them
• Social Media
• PR and marketing 
• Event and project management 
• Written content including website copywriting 
• Creative content, lookbooks and project proposals e.g London Design Festival
• Monthly Reporting
If you think you might be the right fit, please send your CV with a covering letter to