Tatsuo Hino | Beams Japan | Tracey Neuls Bedroom

January 11, 2018

Tatsuo Hino | Beams Japan | Tracey Neuls Bedroom

Tatsuo Hino, Menswear Buyer and overseer of brand liaison for Beams Japan, visited us in the Tracey Neuls Bedroom. He made an inspiring point that even though he was having his portrait taken, there is no employer hierarchy between him and his team, they are all equal working together within the brand.

Hello Tatsuo, you are working in London for the wonderful BEAMS Tokyo working on projects here in the UK. Sounds interesting, can you tell us a little bit more about your work here?
I mainly work in menswear buying in terms of identifying new brand, oversea pop-up, collaboration with brand and artist. Since we have just established BEAMS & CO UK, our first UK entity recently, we work on projects, connecting cultural assets from Japan to overseas vice versa to engage with our existing and new audience. Our first project will kick off with a kiosk-type “travel concept” pop-up at the Ace Hotel Shoreditch whereby we introduce lots of new products which weren’t available until now in Europe.

 Tatsuno Hino Buyer Beams Japan  partner on Tracey Neuls Bed Display Marylebone

As someone who resides in both London and Japan – what are the things you miss most about Japan?
My Japanese family, friends and food! Things are getting better here in London in terms of Japanese food offerings, but nothing beat those home comfy that you grew up with. There’s still more room to give and come in terms of Japanese foods. 

What do you like about London?
People. Actually people’s attitude. They have a lots of get-up and go attitude, DIY attitude about their life in London. I love that. Less hierarchy and age conscious here in London, which gives more fair and sound opportunities for those who wants to “do things”. 

Jarvis Cocker Room 29 and Japanese and English Tatsuo Hino Buyer Beams Japan

Are there little known places that you love to go to in each place?
I love “Toconoco” a little Japanese eatery run by my friend, Akio. It is a bit reminder to “Shokudo” = cafeteria which I love whereby they have a daily special with cozy and friendly environments in London. In Tokyo, I love this bar called “The Open Book” in the Golden Gai in Shinjuku They have this famous Lemon sour (fresh lemon with shochu), the décor is nice covered in books with a high ceiling, no prominent signage so easy to miss! The Golden Gai has an old architectural setting with very narrow passageways with plenty of tiny shanty bars, clubs and eateries, bit underground, but this place is always popular with young Japanese youth. 

I can imagine that your world revolves not only around fashion but all things art & design. Who or what inspires you right now?
Friends actually, that we got to a certain age and now those whom I know are doing things that they believe in and love. I am lucky to be surrounded by many likely-minded people who can always share their passion, which inspires me all the time. But probably books and magazines always stay with me. Those like Dashwood booksMackbooksCafé Royal Books Twelve-books are really interesting. 

Do you have a favourite artist or art movement?
Not a specific art movement. But I am lucky enough to meet Storm Thorgerson 
and worked with Jill Furmanovsky, who runs Rockarchive  before. They both really inspired me when I first came to London. The friendship with Jill led me to go to Japan, open a dialogue with Beams more than 10 years ago and now International Gallery Beams has a space to exhibit and sell these prints in Japan for more than 10 years. I am now doing a project with Jean Jullien and Yu Nagaba - so always doing some projects with some artists.

What books do you have by your bed?
The Third Millennium: A history of the World AD 2000 – 3000 by Brian Stableford and David Langford. 2 scientists forecast based on present scientific knowledge, understanding historical, social, political trends to predict the next millennium, written as if looking back from the year 3000. Very interesting read.

How you you describe your home style and what is your bedroom like?
Very neat I would say and mixture of new and vintage furniture. I have shelves by Vitsoe, loves Scandinavian vintage, with plenty of artwork framed. We have a massive platform bed so that we can all sleep together with this David Bowie art print done by my wife’s uncle, Vincent

Tatsuno Hino Buyer Beams Japan  sat in the Tracey Neuls Bedroom Display in Marylebone

Are you a morning or nighttime person?
I am more a morning person in London, but a nighttime person in Japan. I guess that you have to be in Japan!!

Could you share a dream with us you’ve had lately?
I actually don’t remember any dreams .. so I am not sure if I don’t remember any dreams that I have dreamt or I don’t dream? I am a deep sleeper!

Do you listen much to music? What have you been listening to recently?  (It’s good to link a favourite song, radio show or podcast….)
Yeah I do. Bonobo, The Throwing Shades, Sampha etc – loved Reborn Again and Always Starting New by Mondo Gross was good, loved the song and video for labyrinth, all shot in Hong Kong. I listen to NTS Radio, Maekan,
 sound-bites podcast platform.

What are your dreams for the future?
Would be great to do a physical store in London, but since I have been in London for about 18 years now, I want to do anything possible to bring all the good things that Japanese can offer in craftsmanship, design, aesthetics, cultures vice versa. My main objective is that to bridge a much closer tie and cultural engagement between Japan and UK, Japan and the rest of the world and London is a great city to make it realise.

 Tatsuno Hino Buyer Beams Japan  sat in the Tracey Neuls Bedroom Display in Marylebone

Tracey has quite an association with the number 29, she launched her company when she was 29 and her flagship store is number 29, Marylebone Lane. Tastuso brought his Jarvis Cocker album Room 29 to our Tracey Neuls Marylebone bedroom.... Have a listen above, enjoy!

Our Marylebone Installation features a Matthew Hilton bed Courtesy of De La Espada, Michael Anastassiades Lamp, Stitch by Stitch quilt and rug with Beaumont and Brown bedding with a selection of Ren Cosmetics on our mantle piece.

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