Bedroom Invitation with Designer Matthew Hilton | De La Espada

September 13, 2017

Bedroom Invitation with Designer Matthew Hilton | De La Espada

For London Design Festival 2017 we are proud to exhibit a McQueen Bed, designed by Matthew Hilton and crafted by De La Espada. This will be at the centre of a special installation taking place at Tracey Neuls Marylebone, which sees our boutique transform into a bedroom interior.

Our Bedroom exhibition celebrates one of the most intimate and private spaces in our homes, while welcoming Neuls’ first home-footwear collection, a range of shearling slippers. Customers are invited to sit on the McQueen Bed while they try on shoes, and enjoy a series of “Pillow Talks” from a variety of special guests. Specially selected products and personal items intensify the feeling of home, including a Michael Anastassiades lamp which will glow through the night so that passersby can peep through the shop’s windows.

Reflecting an approach to design and craft shared with De La Espada and Matthew Hilton, Tracey Neuls creates contemporary products informed by function, meticulous detailing, tactile materials that improve with age, and the mark of a skilled craftsperson. 

Tracey Neuls’ Bedroom Invitation will launch for London Design Festival and continue through to December 2017.

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Matthew Hilton is an esteemed British designer that creates timelessly beautiful, exceedingly functional products that are rigorously engineered. His furniture is held in the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum, and The Geffrye Museum, London.

Matthew Hilton doesn't believe in design movements, and he really doesn't like the concept of design as a fashion. Rather, he thinks the design process is part of the evolution of any object through history. Designing with the end user in mind, and whether that means a household of ten or one, he takes pleasure in finding the fluid, easily adaptable solution to fit today's domestic spaces.

Thinking like a sculptor, Matthew Hilton considers every view of a product equally, allowing for a sense of delight and surprise over the years as the user discovers new details and complexities.

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