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Privacy Policy | Tracey Neuls Data Laws

May 22, 2018

Privacy Policy | Tracey Neuls Data Laws

Marketing Terms/ Privacy policy

You may have heard about the new General Data Protection Regulation that is taking effect as of the 25th May. Due to the recent changes we have decided to clearly present to our customers the ways in which we use and store your data.

We have never shared your details and going forwards, they will never be shared with any third party.

You are always able to unsubscribe from our newsletter list or make changes to the information that we hold at any time.

Our Privacy Policy

You control all rights relating to your personal information and where we store it.

  • The right to access your own personal information that we have stored
  • The right to be informed at any time about how we use your personal information
  • The right to request that we delete or remove your personal information from our systems
  • The right to have your personal information changed if it is inaccurate
  • The right to obtain and reuse the personal data we hold about you for your own purposes
  • The right to stop receiving any direct marketing emails at any time

What information do we store when you join our mailing list ?

  • Your full name (optional)
  • Your birthday (optional)
  • Your email address (if subscribed)

If you have any further questions please contact our team at:

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