Tracey Neuls Luxury Shopping Experience

December 13, 2019

Tracey Neuls Luxury Shopping Experience

Shopping at a Tracey Neuls store is always a unique experience. It's rare to find boutiques in London with as much attention to detail. Creating immersive experiences instore is what makes us so special, from bedrooms to bars, cinemas to classrooms, Tracey has done it all. 

Our most ambitious store design yet is currently taking place at Kings Cross, where we have created a fully functioning cinema to display our video about Tracey, her design and her process. The store has been a great success and has enabled us to showcase this short documentary in a unique and experimental way. Aside from the incredible layout and design of this space, there is a multitude of other perks for you to take advantage of, such as complimentary popcorn for when you want to take a seat and watch our film as well as offering Ui, a Japanese drink after 6 PM as a gift from us to you.

Ui is a drink of two parts, which when combined, blossom into a burst of subtle yet exquisite flavour. The essence is fresh-tasting, floral alcohol crafted in Japan using the traditional techniques of rice fermentation and flower yeast. The accord is a selection of naturally extracted ingredients, carefully chosen to enhance the floral notes of the essence. 

japanese drink ui offered at tracey neuls kings cross store

The Tracey Neuls luxury experience doesn't stop there... Every purchase from our leather sole collection comes complete with elegant faux fur dust bags in an attempt to stray away from the traditional throwaway plastic bags commonly seen in conventional packaging.

On the exterior is a sturdily constructed box, almost like a piece of furniture, sliding out like a drawer with a leather pull tab that makes the box opening even more satisfying. Complete with the faux fur dustbags it's the keen attention to detail and subtle features that sets Tracey's shopping experience aside from everyone else. Tracey doesn't leave a stone unturned with everything she produces, from packaging, store designs and of course, shoe design.

luxury packaging by designer Tracey Neuls

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