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Polyphonia / Sweet Violets / Carbon Life

April 13, 2012

Christopher Wheeldon's Polyphonia: Possibly one of the most beautiful, inspiring and perfect things I have ever seen! Actually not 'possibly'.....'definitely'.

Liam Scarlett's Sweet Violets: Set to music by Rachmaninov, that violin and cello was epicly emotional! The story is inspired by a series of paintings and drawings by Walter Sickert depicting London's murky underworld, the setting is an impressionistic world of artist's studio, canvases and the murder's murky bed. Passionate and very theatrical.

Wayne McGregor's Carbon Life: The set design for this is graphic and strong.....the opening scene is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Mark Ronson plays the base on stage and Boy George and Alison Mosshart sing.

This triple bill ballet is on at the ROYAL OPERA HOUSE
Polyphonia is completely brilliant.

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